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Fero Culture | Deodorant or Antiperspirant

Deodorant vs. Antiperspirant

In the world of underarm care, the choice between deodorants and antiperspirants can be perplex. Let's break it down.

Deodorants: the odor warriors
As you can get from the word, a deodorant "de-deodorises", which means that they combat the smell of sweat, tackling the bacteria that turns sweat into an unwelcome and stinky guest. A deodorant keeps you fresh without interfering with the body's natural cooling process. A lot of deodorants now a days use ingredients like corn starch or baking soda to keep your pits dry, without blocking the pores. 

Antiperspirants: the sweat stoppers
Antiperspirants can help you sweat less, as they are "anti-perspirants", basically meaning, "anti sweating". These products are often packed with aluminum-based compounds, and by blocking your sweat glands, they form a shield against sweat, preventing it from reaching the surface. 

Why is one better than the other?
Our products are deodorants, not antiperspirant. They are free from harsh chemicals, to embrace your body's natural processes. Allowing your skin to breathe while standing strong against odor. However, we understand the importance of choice and only you will know what is important for you. Maybe you feel more safe with an antiperspirant, or perhaps it's a better option to let your body work it's natural functions. So, are you Team Deodorant or Team Antiperspirant?

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