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Aldrig utan deo

Prenumeranter får alltid 15% rabatt

Keeping it simple

1. Subscribe

Select the subscribe option at the checkout and save 15% on every order.

2. Välj önskat intervall

Välj helt enkelt hur ofta du vill ha en ny deodorant.

3. Update

Change fragrance, design or update frequency whenever you want

Avsluta prenumerationen när du vill. Ingen bindningstid.

Check your subscription FAQ here

How does the subscription work?

Subscribing to Fero means ensuring you never go without your favourite Fero products. With the subscription service, you can receive your product at a regular interval of your choice. The best part? You get to enjoy a special subscription discount of 15%.

Now, let's clarify a few key points:

  1. No Obligation: We want to make it crystal clear that subscribing is entirely optional. You can choose to buy Fero deodorants individually without subscribing. By default, you're not subscribed.

  2. Easy Subscription: Subscribing is easy. Just select the Subscribe option on the product page or check the Subscribe box when you're in your Cart.

  3. Total Control: Once you're subscribed, you're in the driver's seat. You can customise your subscription to what works best for you: change your deodorant scents, adjust the frequency of deliveries, or set your next shipping date—all easily managed from your account.

  4. Flexibility: Life can get unpredictable, and that's okay. You can update your address,
    cancel your subscription, or even skip a shipment whenever you need. Just log into your account, and you're in control.

Questions or need assistance? Don't hesitate to reach out to us at We're here to help you on your Fero journey!

Can I manage and customise my subscription?

Of course. To make any changes, just login to your account and go to Subscriptions. There you have the option to customise your subscription.

I don't know how often I need a new deodorant?

A Fero deodorant lasts around two (2) to three (3) months on average, but that all depends on how often you apply it. If you notice that you are running out of deodorant sooner than expected, or if it lasts for longer, then you can easily customise your subscription to fit your personal preference.

How do I cancel?

Head into your account and hit the Subscription tab. From there you can cancel or modify your subscription in just a few clicks. If you wish to cancel, just remember to do so at least 72 hours before your next order is to be delivered.

Clean. Effective. Easy.


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