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Fero Culture | Natural Deodorant | Smell Great Guide

The smell-great-guide

Congratulations, you've made the awesome decision to make the switch to a natural deodorant! Now, there are a few of steps we recommend that you start with, all to make your transition smooth and stinky-free: 

  1. Shower (or bath 🛁 ). Lather up and get yourself squeaky clean. Rinse and dry up using a towel (or dance, shake, jump until you're dry - but don't start sweating just yet!) 
  2. Left or right, up or down - you can swipe your favourite Fero deodorant anyway you want.  two - three swipes per arm is usually enough.
  3. Throw on your freshest fit and conquer the day (or night).

If you follow the above steps, you should be good to go. BUT... depending on your clothes, this might also be a good time to deal with that pile of laundry. Maybe not because your clothes are dirty per see, but because some material (usually artificial fabrics like polyester, nylon, acrylic, spandex, synthetic fur, olefin, nylon, neoprene, etc.), can hoard bacteria, which makes them prone to start giving off unpleasant smells after only a short while wearing them. We call this condition perma-stink.

Getting perma-stink off your clothes can be tricky, but there are ways. We suggest washing your clothes at 60 degrees or higher, which will make these bacteria disappear. If your clothes are sensitive to high temperatures, try one of the tricks below and wash them in vinegar:

  • Pour water into a bucket or in the bath tub and mix some vinegar into the water. Then put the garment in the liquid for about half an hour before putting it in the washing machine.
  • You can also try adding about half a decilitre of vinegar to the pre-programme of your washing machine. Don't worry about the garment smelling of vinegar, the wash will remove any odour.
  • Fill an empty spray bottle with vinegar, spray the areas of the garments that smell (under the sleeves, inside the collar, etc.) with the vinegar spray before putting them in the washing machine. Proceed to wash as usual in the washing machine.
  • Important note: when you use vinegar together with a laundry detergent, make sure that you use a detergent that does not contain bleach. This is because vinegar mixed with bleach can produce a toxic gas.

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